Implant Dentures Kelowna

Implant Dentures Kelowna

Our Approach to Implant Denture Options

A modern restoration method for people missing most or all of their teeth, implant dentures have transformed how surgeons and dentists approach full-set replacement. At Legato Dental Centre, we specialize in helping people choose the best denture solution to suit their unique needs.

Unlike conventional dentures, which are unsecured and can be painful and unstable, implant dentures provide stability as a result of their posts being integrated directly into the jaw. As a result, they also help to prevent bone loss and gum recession.

Treatment Options

Kelowna Denture Services


Implant Dentures Kelowna

Teeth-in-a-day (All-ON-4™)

  • Implant retained and supported
  • No waiting for teeth — implants and teeth are placed the same day
  • Small prosthesis
  • Maximum stability and retention
  • Maximum chewing function
  • Maximum confidence


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Bar Overdenture Kelowna

Bar Overdenture

  • Removable for cleaning
  • Implant retained and supported
  • Transition phase after implant placement
  • Teeth placed 6-8 months after implants
  • Large size of denture
  • Improved function and confidence compared to locators

Locator Overdenture Kelowna

Locator overdenture

  • Removable for cleaning
  • Implant retained
  • Tissue supported — potential sore spots and relines
  • Transition phase after implant placement
  • Large size of denture
  • Improved function and retention of conventional denture

Kelowna Conventional Denture

Conventional Denture

  • Removable for cleaning
  • Tissue supported – potential sore spots and relines
  • Large denture size
  • Denture mobility — reduced chewing function
  • Limited confidence in social setting

Frequently Answered Questions

And little-known facts


Why should I have a Prosthodontist make my dentures?

A Prosthodontist understands the art and science of dental function and esthetics. Dr. Bishop pays particular attention to the coordination of teeth, jaw joints and muscles. This is very important in the fabrication of dentures. Providing leading Kelowna Denture service is our passion.


Will you guarantee my dentures won’t fall out?

There are many factors that contribute to the retention of a denture – most importantly an individual’s own anatomy. Most people have adequate anatomy to warrant a denture that functions well without denture adhesives. Dental implants offer the greatest confidence with dentures.


Will I be able to eat apples?

Many seasoned denture wearers do not have a limited diet. When you initially have dentures made or new dentures created, there is a period of time over which you will learn to master chewing food. Not all people are able to eat apples, but most learn to eat a normal diet.


Will the dentures look natural?

Dentures should look like teeth, not like dentures. We use the highest quality teeth and customize them to ensure a natural looking smile.


Will I need adjustments?

Many people do not need adjustments to their dentures after they are made. However, it is important to have adjustments made if they cause pain. You shouldn’t need to “break in” new dentures like a new pair of shoes. They are custom made to fit your mouth.


How long will the dentures last?

Depending on one’s diet and habits, a set of dentures should last in excess of 5 years. Many times they may last ten years or more. Regular check-ups are necessary annually to determine the need for tooth adjustments and/or relines. Factors that contribute to denture longevity include the type of teeth used and whether you grind your teeth during the day and night.

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