Are Sticky Foods Safe When You Have a Partial

Partial dentures are an alternative to dental implants if you’re missing just one or a few teeth. Whether it’s from an injury, dental defect or as a result of decay, getting a partial denture not only improves the appearance of your smile, it improves your overall oral health. There are a few foods to avoid if you do find yourself with a partial.

What to Avoid With a Partial Denture

In the beginning, a new partial denture may feel awkward or uncomfortable, this is completely normal. It will take time for your mouth and muscles to become accustomed to having a prosthetic device hanging around, so be patient with yourself. At first, while you’re adjusting to wearing a partial, avoid hard foods. These can cause you discomfort which could lead to sores and infection.

After you’ve completely adjusted to your partial, you should continue to avoid sticky foods. Our dentists recommend staying away from candies, caramels, raisins and anything that is sticky to the touch. These foods, in addition to having extremely high sugar content, can cause damage to your partial by dislodging the teeth or becoming stuck to the prosthetic device. If you do find yourself in a situation where you simply must eat something sticky, remove your partial prior to eating it.

This will allow you to enjoy the treat without causing damage to your prosthetic. Before putting the partial back in place, be sure to brush your teeth to remove any lingering sticky material. Trapping the sticky food between your partial and your gum is ill advised as bacteria will start to grow and can result in further damage and decay to your existing natural teeth.

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