“You saved my life!” Thanks to All-on-Four Dental Implants

This week one of my patients told me, “You saved my life!”  I am often reminded that the dental implants we do at Legato Dental Centre have a profound impact on our patients.  Sarah came to us with a difficult situation in her mouth.  She had some failing teeth and a partial denture.  She wanted to be out of pain and she didn’t want partial denture that moves around.

We reviewed her options.  We could remove the failing teeth and build her a beautiful, functional denture.  She wanted something better, so we discussed dental implants.  With dental implants we could make her new teeth that snap on to the implants or we could build her new teeth that are secured to dental implants.  Sarah decided she wanted All-on-Four.


So we set up an appointment for All-on-Four.  We carefully planned her teeth ahead of time.  On the big day we removed her failing teeth, placed dental implants and she left with a brand new bridge that stays in her mouth.  It functions and looks better than her old, failing teeth.  She was ecstatic.  She was out of pain.  She was able to eat the foods she loved.

So how did we “Save her life.”  Before All-on-Four she was embarrassed to smile or eat in public.  She was often in pain.  Now she is confident to eat out with her friends.  And she loves to smile for photos.

If you are embarrassed to smile for a photo or eat in public, come and see what we can do to help “save your life.” Give us a call and schedule an appointment.