What Exactly is Dental Conditioning and Why Is It Necessary?

April 30, 2019 |

If you’ve been wearing ill-fitting dentures for a while or you’re having oral surgery to remove teeth and then being sent home with Immediate Dentures, then we’re likely going to recommend some tissue conditioning to make your transition a little easier.

Tissue Conditioning

Your gums and mouth are made up of tissue that can become infected, inflamed and compressed when a denture does not fit properly. This can cause you to develop ulcerations, bone loss, cancer or even a flattening or smoothing of the tissue. When you come into our office with an ill-fitting denture, we will suggest conditioning the tissue before we make the final impressions for your new dentures.

After you leave your dentures out for several days, we will place a soft liner inside of the denture; this conditioning allows the tissue in your mouth to rebound back to its natural healthy state by gently placing even pressure on all areas of the tissue.

This healing process is necessary to help improve the overall health of your soft tissues before we fit you with your new dentures. Depending on the damage, discomfort or infection, it can take several weeks of treatment to bring the tissue back to a healthy state.

On The Road To Good Oral Health

If you’re struggling with your dentures or you have noticed that they’ve become ill-fitting and you’re developing sores in your mouth, please, give our office a call right away.

Many times, with just a couple of good cleanings and an adjustment, we can help you get back on track. If the problem is a little more severe, we can begin the conditioning of your soft tissue and help you restore your mouth and your smile to its original healthy state. Please call our office today with any questions or concerns, we look forward to hearing from you.