Times Where an Instant Denture Would Be the Perfect Answer

July 15, 2019 |

Instant dentures are an option when you need to have teeth removed, but permanent dentures may not be readily available. Usually, when these dentures are needed, a few visits may be required before the dentures are placed in your mouth.

The back teeth are removed first, and these areas are allowed to heal before the patient comes back into our office to have their front teeth removed and the instant dentures placed in.

Why and How Instant Dentures Work

Instant dentures work in a variety of ways. Not only do they provide the patient with a way to have teeth as soon as they leave our office, but they make sure that they have coverage in the areas where teeth were removed.

When you come back to our office, our dentist will then remove the rest of the teeth and place the instant dentures over those areas. This is there to prevent infections and reduce the number of bacteria that get into the area. Once the mouth fully heals, the permanent dentures are generally ready, and you can replace the instant dentures with the new, permanent ones.

Smile with confidence and know that you have teeth that you can show off, even if they are replicas of your own. Our office works hard to provide quality-made dentures that look, feel, and fit within your mouth perfectly. You should have confidence and we help you get that through our dentures, whether instant or permanent.

If you are in need of tooth removal services, then speaking with our professionals regarding instant dentures and how they might help is ideal. We can provide you with everything that you could need when the time comes to enjoy having teeth that serve a purpose. Call us today to set up a time to come in and speak with our dental professionals.