Caroline McDonald’s Legato Experience

A challenging case, an intricate process, a satisfied patient. Caroline McDonald shares her Legato experience:

What dental treatment have you received at our office?

I suddenly lost a bottom tooth which included several other teeth attached to a fixed bridge. I went to an extremely qualified Periodontist, who asked Dr. Bishop to collaborate with him to solve the problems with my complex mouth and jaw. Dr. Bishop to me, is a perfectionist who is also highly creative at problem solving. He needed to work around two prior bone transplants, osteoporosis, pins on both sides of my jaw and wire at the front of my jaw.

So these two specialists spent hours, in my absence, on their own time studying the problem and collaborating together. Dr. Bishop designed one appliance that would not be visible, but which would allow for teeth to be attached on both sides of the six permanent bottom teeth. I had one implant placed in the only place in my jaw available and wide enough to support it. Dr Bishop capped (or applied crowns) to the six good teeth and attached metal (or titanium)  on the inside of the crowns. Attached to the metal are the bridges with the balance of the teeth for both sides of my mouth. This magical appliance just clicks into place and is supported also by the one implant.  

How does the finished product feel?

The finished product is totally comfortable and I can forget that it is there. Most important to me is that for the first time in thirty years, I am eating anything I want to stay healthy and not become a frail old lady. I eat an apple a day and as I crunch into it and chew it, not a single time goes by that I don’t still enjoy this new experience. I can eat corn on the cob and crunchy salads – using all of my teeth!

What were some positive things you noticed about your experience?

One of the most shocking things I experienced when my teeth were missing was how I had lost credibility with sales people or others. People treated me differently…it is sad but true. Now I notice the respect and credibility again. I could always observe that Dr. Bishop wanted to do his very best possible. Everyone of his Staff work towards the same outcome and are 100% supportive of me.  

What would you say to someone who was considering having similar treatment?

Go for it!! Really, it was painless and perfect. Dr. Bishop takes all of the questions and requests to heart, completely respecting that it is my body and my mouth and I know me!

Would you recommend us to others? Why?

Absolutely without a doubt. It is worth it for your long term health, self esteem and confidence. As one ages, this is what matters….along with positive friends!

Do you feel that things were explained sufficiently to you?

Completely – both professionals met with me whether to explain snags and risks, obstacles, options or break-throughs. They had excellent diagrams, x-rays and charts so I could always understand what was going to happen. I continue to see both Specialists for follow up and they both show respect at all times for me.

If you could sum up your experience in a few sentences, what would you say?

It seemed to take a long time to go through it at the time, (over a year) but it was a great experience, and now I am left with the memory of the great experience. And I love the result.

Do you have any other comments you would like to share?

The staff laugh when I tell them I actually do look forward to visiting this dentist’s Office! To a person, Dr. Bishop and the staff each have a good sense of humour.