How Can You Tell if You Need a New Set of Dentures?

June 30, 2019 |

Are your dentures more than a year or two old? Then you may be needing a new, updated set of dentures. There are a few common signs that your dentures are old and need replacing.

If your dentures are showing any of these signs, then you should come in and see us. We can look at your current set of dentures and how they fit, and help determine if a new set would help improve your ability to use your dentures or the overall health of your mouth.

Signs You Need a New Set of Dentures

The first sign you could use new dentures is that your dentures slip around when you use them. They may move when you eat, slide a bit when you speak, or not adhere despite the use of adhesives. This tells you that the plate of your dentures no longer conforms to your gums. Sometimes we can adjust the plate to give you a better fit, but with older dentures, a new set is usually the best option.

Second, you may start to develop denture sores. This happens when your dentures do not sit properly on your gums. This can lead to painful sores that make it hard to even put your dentures in some days. Instead of dealing with the pain, we can usually fit you with a new set of dentures so the sores stop showing up.

Finally, your dentures may be cracked or showing signs of wear. As dentures age, they become even more brittle. If they get too brittle, they could break when you are using them, which we ideally want to avoid as this could hurt your mouth.

If you need new dentures, or even suspect you might, call us. Let us look around your mouth and at the condition of your dentures, then determine if you could benefit from a new set.