Fixing Gaps in Your Teeth by Means of Dental Bonding

Do you have a gap between two of your teeth that you absolutely hate? If so, you may have resigned yourself to always feeling embarrassed about smiling.

You might hate having your picture taken because of this gap. But what if there were a quick and easy fix for that gap? There is! It’s called dental bonding, and it’s a good solution for minor cosmetic issues.

What Is Dental Bonding?

Dental Bonding is a type of material that’s similar to cement. It can be molded into shape and then pressed against your tooth. When it hardens, it becomes permanently attached to the tooth. It doesn’t require any glue or other special bonding materials, so it can be applied in very small, thin layers if needed. This makes it the ideal solution for filling in the tiny gaps between teeth or repairing chipped teeth.

How Does it Work?

The dental bonding process to fix gaps in your teeth takes very little time. We can usually fill a gap within an hour. There is no anesthesia necessary, and we don’t make any incisions. The bonding material is carefully placed within the gap and allowed to set. That’s it! You don’t have to worry about recovery time or even deal with any pain. The entire process is also very affordable.

You do have to make certain that you take care of the dental bonding. While there’s nothing special to do, it is important to remember that this material isn’t as durable as some other dental materials are. Just like natural teeth, you can also stain the bonding material if you drink too much coffee, soda, red wine, or other foods and drink that stain teeth.

Ready to get rid of that embarrassing gap between your teeth? Call us today to discuss dental bonding.