Esthetic Dentistry – Do you love to smile?

February 17, 2017 |

Esthetic Dentistry has been important to people for millenia. I rediscovered the importance of Esthetic Dentistry on a recent trip to Guatemala. On a tour of the Jade Museum in Antigua, Guatemala, I discovered this Mayan skull on display. The Mayans reigned in the area of Guatemala for centuries.  As you look carefully at the two remaining teeth, you notice green jade inlayed into the teeth.  Why would they do this?

First impressions

To the Mayans, jade was a symbol of wealth and power.  Green was associated with health and vitality.  When other Mayans met her,  they would know that she was a significant member of the community.  Every day, we too make decisions about the people we meet based on our first impression.  One of the first things we notice about each other is our smile and our teeth.

Do you hide your smile?

Your smile is like a sunrise. It brightens and warms the world around you. Without your smile the world is a colder place.  If you are ashamed of your teeth you probably refuse to smile or you may cover your mouth when you smile. If this describes you, I would love to help you discover your most beautiful smile so that you can smile big and smile confidently.  

Smiles are discovered

Everyday at Legato Dental Centre I get to help people discover their best smile.  We carefully discover together what you don’t like and figure out how to improve it.  The most magical moment of the process is when you see your new teeth in your smile for the first time.  Many happy and tearful celebrations occur in our clinic when you see the smile you have dreamed of for years.  It inspires us to help more people discover their best smile.

If you aren’t smiling enough please come and trust your smile to a Certified Specialist.  Schedule an appointment to begin your journey to discover your best smile.