Referral Program

Legato Dental Centre Referral Program

At Legato Dental Centre in Kelowna, we believe in rewarding your loyalty. So, for each referral you send us, we will thank you with a gift card once they have attended their appointment.  

PLEASE NOTE: The referral program applies only to patients of Legato Dental Centre and is not applicable for “Happy Visit” referral appointments (first visit for babies/toddlers).

First Referral

$25 Gift Card

to a local restaurant

Second Referral

$50 Gift Card

to Orchard Park Mall

Third Referral

$75 VISA Gift Card

4+ Referrals

$100 Gift Card

of your choice

All gift cards can be exchanged for a credit on your account
Referral program resets 1 year after your first referral.

Choosing Legato Dental Centre ensures you'll receive expert dental care.