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Dr. Bradley Bishop is a Certified Specialist in Prosthodontics who is providing these videos as a means to help patients become better educated and informed about the various procedures and services he offers. If there are any questions please do not hesitate to call us at 250.860.5253 or toll-free 1.800.268.9499 or visit the Contact Us page.


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Patient Experiences

Testimonial – Reg

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Reg has worn dentures since he was a teenager. When he visited Kelowna’s Legato Dental Centre, he was in need of advice. Luckily, for Reg, Dr. Bishop was able to provide it. It was decided that Reg would have a realign and new posts. Reg was very happy with Dr. Bishop and his treatment.

Testimonial – Renee

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Until she visited Kelowna’s Legato Dental Centre, Renee thought she was losing her smile. Told by her dentist that her teeth were slowly disintegrating, she employed the help of Legato specialist, Dr. Bishop. Thanks to Dr. Bishop, the rest of the team at Legato Dental Centre and some new veneers, Renee has her smile back.

Testimonial – Norine

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Norine, a denture wearer, was unhappy when she first visited Kelowna’s Legato Dental Centre. Her dentures were preventing her from eating the foods she wanted to eat. However, Dr. Bishop was able to make Norine happy again. Now Norine is able to smile and eat with ease and confidence.

Testimonial – Mike

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Mike was suffering severely with TMJ when he first visited Kelowna’s Legato Dental Centre. Another dentist had advised Mike to have major surgery that would cost $30,000. Dr. Bishop was able to present Mike with an alternative. Mike ended up having non-surgical treatment and is now able to live pain free!


Dentures & Implant videos

Implant Dentures

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Legato specialist Dr. Bradley Bishop talks about the advantages of implant dentures, the importance of function, and how they play a role in quality of life. He also discusses the benefits of implant dentures over traditional dentures, and Legato’s patient history in this specific field.


Other Services

All On 4

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Dr. Bradley Bishop describes the All-On-4 implant procedure from the perspective of a prosthodontist. Addressing its physical benefits, he walks us through the how the actual All-On-4 implant process works, and what each patient can expect—from their assessment through to the procedure itself.

Crowns, Bridges and Veneers

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Dr. Bradley Bishop discusses how a background in prosthodontics lends itself to treating crowns, bridges and veneers, and how challenging situations have helped improve Legato’s ability to treat their patients. He also explores material selection, basic restoration and the factors that normally lead to a crown.

General Dentistry and Hygiene Services

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Dr. Bradley Bishop goes over Legato’s approach to general dentistry, and what the unique perspective of a general dentist—someone who often works with the same patient over an entire lifetime—brings to the table.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

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Dr. Bradley Bishop describes what obstructive sleep apnea is, how it is diagnosed, and the physical effects it has on people who suffer from the disorder. Benefits and drawbacks of treatments such as the CPAP machine are explored, as are the features of an oral appliance in terms of usability and functionality.


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Dr. Bradley Bishop tells us what a periodontist is, and what type of services and procedures they specialize in. He also talks about how having a periodontist on staff benefits the patients at Legato with greater convenience, and an enhanced understanding of tissue and supporting structures of the teeth.


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Dr. Bradley Bishop goes into what a prosthodontist is, and how they help repair, replace and maintain patients’ teeth. Focusing on the most common types of material used in prosthetic dentistry, as well as the type of training necessary to gain this specialization, we come to better understand the importance of form and function.


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Dr. Bradley Bishop discusses the personal nature of each patient’s smile, and how Legato’s diverse staff come together to build both healthy and aesthetically beautiful smiles. Dr. Bishop’s long time view on the architecture of dentistry—from the design stage, through to prototype and then final result—is explained.

Temporal Mandibular Dysfunction

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Dr. Bradley Bishop talks shop about the often-misunderstood condition, and what types of symptoms patients typically experience. His approach to treatment, including how to establish optimal functioning of the lower jaw, is explained, as is how his assessment process takes place and typical treatment.


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