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From Birth to Death: The Epic Journey of Tim the Tooth

July 18, 2017

Your teeth can last you a lifetime! Did you know that? Dentures are actually not an inevitable rite-of-passage into elder-hood. With proper care, you can keep your precious pearly chewing machines healthy, functional and (most importantly) in your mouth for the rest…
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How To Never Have A Cavity Again

June 29, 2017

Meet Grug. Grug has better teeth than you. Not because they look better, but because of what he eats. Grug is from the Stone Age, also known as the Neolithic period. Yes, it’s true—cavemen had fewer cavities than modern humans.   The…
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Do I Really Need That X-ray, Doc?

June 16, 2017

  So What Exactly Is An X-ray, Anyway? An ‘x-ray’ is a wave of energy that is able to pass through materials that regular light can’t penetrate. It creates a photographic or digital image (also known as an x-ray or radiograph). This…
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Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad … Dentist? How To Cope With Dental Anxiety

April 7, 2017

  No laughing matter, it’s estimated that Dentophobia, or dental anxiety, affects 9-15% of Americans. That’s millions of people. You may have experienced it yourself, know of someone who does, or currently be in the process of battling it. Like any phobia,…
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Jane Sheets’ Legato Dental Centre Experience

March 31, 2017

  What dental treatment have you received at Legato Dental Centre? Let me start by saying that I have always had a fear of dentists from the 1950’s to the 90’s. I came from a large family of 8 other siblings where…
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Rhyme Time: Jack and Jill — From Broken Crown to Perfect Smile

March 16, 2017

Jack and Jill went up the hill To fetch a pail of water Jack fell down and broke his crown And Jill came tumbling after This tragic story has been in circulation for at least two centuries. Was Jack a real person?…
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NASA’s Exciting Planet Discovery and Your Teeth

March 3, 2017

NASA’s recent discovery of exoplanets (planets existing outside our home solar system) has everyone thinking about life in unexpected places. Three of these planets may have the environment to sustain life. Can you believe it? Discovery of life on other planets may…
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Life as a New Employee – The Inside Scoop

February 24, 2017

What is an ex-financial industry employee and retired Registered Massage Therapist doing in the dental field? I asked myself as I headed to my first day as Legato Dental’s newest addition to the team. Dr. Bishop had been my dentist for a…
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When The Tooth Fairy Stops Coming To Visit

March 28, 2016

Dental Implants – What To Do When You Lose A ToothRemember the carefree days of childhood when every time you lost a tooth you’d carefully place it under the pillow in anticipation of the Tooth Fairy’s visit? Not only did the toothless…
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Kelowna Dental Crowns & Bridges

The Right Fit

March 23, 2016

All-On-Four Dental Implants – When Are They Right For You?We’re a pretty health-conscious bunch here on the west coast of Canada. In Kelowna, BC, where I live and practice at Legato Dental Centre, being active and eating well is par for the…
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